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Picture of a woman and a man, Memento Care Homes Foundation founders neurologist Michael Nelson MD and nurse practitioner Karyn Nelson.

Memento Care Homes and Foundation is an innovative and growing network of credentialed senior assisted living care homes serving Northern California communities of Walnut Creek, Lafayette, Orinda, Moraga, Concord, Pleasant Hill, Danville, San Ramon and beyond.  It was created by neurologist Michael Nelson MD and nurse practitioner Karyn Nelson, with the goal of providing families with a better option for senior care.

With over 20 years of combined experience specializing in care for the elderly and with experience making house calls, Karyn and Mike saw patients in all types of assisted living environments.

Those experiences led to their conviction that Residential Care Homes (also known as board and cares, elder care homes or adult family homes) are the best option for most seniors needing assistance.  Why?

Residential Care Homes have many advantages over other senior assisted living options.

  • There is no danger of getting lost in the crowd.  Or just plain lost!  A maximum of six residents ensures personalized, attentive care.
  • Small size also facilitates communication for a resident's family members, who interact with a small staff they know well.
  • Care Homes are residences, a familiar setting for most seniors, as opposed to large facilities like nursing homes or assisted living communities.
  • While providing a residential setting, Care Homes also avoid the isolation and loneliness of staying at home with hired caregivers.
  • Care Homes are able to adapt as residents need more or less, or different kinds of help over time, eliminating the disruptive and often costly need to move as things change.
  • They are cost effective.

Memento Care Homes and Foundation provide reassurance through our strict credentialing process and combine the advantages of small scale caregiving with the large scale programs and expensive items available to large facilities.

Karyn and Mike also realized that small size - the very thing that gave Care Homes so many of their advantages - also presented challenges in reassuring residents and family members that quality care was provided.  The small size also made it more difficult to obtain expensive items or have large scale programs.  They founded Memento Care Homes to create a credentialed network of small individual Care Homes, which together could obtain amentities, services and items that they could not afford or implement alone.  The best of both worlds, for residents, their families and the professionals who provide the outstanding, individual attention and care in our Care Homes.


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