Sudden Dementia

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Sudden Dementia

Families and spouses of patients with mild memory loss may find that they will suddenly worsen either in the hospital or moving out of their house.  Why is that?  There are many reasons, but the main two issues are taking them out of their familiar environment and changing their sleep routines.  Memento Care Homes keep patients in a familiar environment; a regular house.

            As a neurologist who treats patients with Alzheimer’s, dementia, Lewy-body dementia, and other conditions that used to be referred to as senile, I have been asked to assess these patients.  Sundowning is a term that is used to describe when patients become much more confused and agitated in the evening and night time than they did at home.  In the hospital, there are constantly different people entering your room, drawing blood, waking you up to check on you, and asking you questions you can’t hear or understand.   There are also constant strange noises from beeping IV machines, bed alarms, overhead announcements, and families and staff talking in the hallway.

            Large assisted living facilities have some of the same problems.  You have your own apartment with some familiar furniture, but it is not set up like their home.  Also making things confusing is the fact that there will be several announcements during the day through a speaker in the wall.  Your parent is actually “hearing voices”!  Also, different staff members are coming in and out of your apartment through the day.  And it is not usually the same person day in and day out. 

            Memento Care Homes help reduce sudden dementia or cognitive changes that can result from a move out of your loved ones familiar home.  Let us help you with this difficult transition today!

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Michael Nelson MD is the co-founder and CEO of the Memento Care Home Network.  He is a board certified, adult neurologist who is passionate about the care of senior citizens and believes in the benefits of small credentialed care homes.


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