Testimonials From Our Board and Care Residents and Families


"We're really, really happy with the care she gets here. This place was recommended to us by a service that screens and finds good homes. Nancy (the Administrator) has been just wonderful. She's dynamic and sweet and funny and nice, and I can't say enough good things about Nancy, she's terrific. They really care and really have tried hard to make her comfortable and take good care of her. We really feel that she's well taken care of and happy and content."


"My mom was a strong women who had MS and handled it very admirably. She began to have dementia and more physical disabilities. We needed to find a much more quality way of life for her. We were very blessed to find this care home. I would say that her outcome was the best it could possibly be just because we were fortunate enough to find this care home."


"Each and every client here is loved. There's a tone of a family instead of a care facility. There's a lot of laughter, and also calmness. And then also a lot going on. Every birthday is acknowledged. There's parties. The holidays. Any excuse to have a gathering, and then all the clients are together and all of their families, so you get to know the families. It's just a wonderful experience."


"This care home, it's just such a blessing. You want to have your parent in a family situation.​ ​You want them to be cared for, but in a very real way. The quality of care is very necessary. But the emotional love that is given, ​that ​is priceless. I always was comfortable going home, knowing that my mom still had a home that she was in. What a wonderful thing."


"The key to peace of mind for daughters and sons, for their parents, is to find a place that is home-like. Not just clean; not just pretty. It needs to be home-like and it needs to be safe. It needs to feel real. The quality of care that goes with that creates peace of mind."


"Staff is everything. Nancy has been doing this for years and the caregivers respect her greatly. And the caregivers themselves are just loving people. We would just sit at my mom's feet. The caregivers would come in and spend hours talking to her. I am very blessed. You can't be a frequent visitor to a home for four years and not know whether the people are to be trusted. You just know."

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