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What is the difference between a Memento Care Home, a Board and Care, and a Residential Care Home (RCFE)?

A Care Home, Residential Care Home for the Elderly (RCFE), Board and Care, and micro-community are all different terms for the same type of senior assisted living facility.  Different states may have different names also, such as an Adult Family Home.  For simplicity, Memento Care has chosen to use the term Care Home.

How are Care Homes different from other senior living options?

They are much smaller and private, offering very attentive and individualized care.  No more than 6 residents at one time will be living together.  Each home provides its residents 24 hour supervision by qualified staff.

How much do they cost?

The cost is usually more affordable than nursing and assisted living facilities.  Pricing is also generally all-inclusive as opposed to a la carte.

What is included in Care Home rates?

Residence in a comfortable, safe home is included, along with your choice of a single or double occupancy room.  Residents may bring pieces of furniture as they choose, otherwise they are provided.  Personal effects are encouraged to help create a home environment.  There is 24 hour supervision by onsite staff with medication supervision and home-cooked meals.  Bathing, dressing, and grooming assistance plus social activities is also included.

How are Care Homes regulated?

Care Homes are licensed and regulated by the state in which they are located.  Staff and administrators are required to have ongoing education and certification, and the physical building of the board and care is required to meet various laws and regulations.  The staff and care homes in the Memento Care Home Network have exceeded the credentialling requirements of the Memento Foundation.    

How do I find a Memento Care Home?

Contact Us about your location and needs.  Even if we don't have a home in your area, we will be happy to direct you to resources we think will be helpful in your situation, and for our planning purposes we would appreciate knowing your needs and where you are looking for high quality Care Homes.

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