Our Mission

 Picture of a senior man being assisted by a woman caregiver at a residential care facility for the elderly (rcfe).Our mission is to improve the lives of seniors and their families by supporting and promoting Residential Care Homes (also know as Board and Cares or Senior Care Homes) with a strict credentialing process and the centralized resources of a larger organization. Our overarching goal is excellence in compassionate, competent, patient centered senior assisted living.

Our extensive experience in caring for patients in all living environments including private homes, nursing homes and assisted living has proven to us that care homes (also called board and care homes or adult family homes) are the best option for most seniors needing assistance. We believe care homes offer the most effective, highest quality solution for senior care in a home-like setting.


Our Values

We are passionate about the Residential Care Home model for senior care

Care Homes are unique among senior care options, with many special characteristics.  We believe that the small size, personalized attention and residential setting of a Care Home is simply the most nuturing place for most seniors.

We cherish and support Care Home owners and staff members as professionals

We regard working with the elderly - at any level - as a noble profession. We strive to give the administrators and caregivers in our network the support and tools to do their jobs with professionalism and pride. This includes required training and re-certification, specialized incremential training, and peer-to-peer networking. All of our caregivers also have access to our panel of senior care specialists, allowing them to bring knowledge from each discipline to the bedside at each of our homes. Satisfying the requirements of Memento Foundation credentialing is a great achievement!

We believe Care Homes should have the respect and resources that a larger organization can offer

Small size is one of the most important factors in making Care Homes optimal settings for most seniors. We seek to optimize the care in each of our homes with strict credentialing and additional resources usually only available to a large organization. This includes everything from communications and customer service platforms to handicapped-accessible vehicles. The combination of quality care and additional resources, we believe, is the best of all worlds for our residents and their families. 


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