Caring for the caregiver

Memento’s mobile platform helps caregivers manage daily household challenges, cope with the stress and emotions from caregiving, and connect with the right resources when and where they need them.


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Support Hub

Tech meets human connection.

Memento offers caregivers access to support from an experienced care team and a community who understand what they are going through. Memento takes tasks off the caregivers list of to-do’s and coaches create an open channel and safe space to ask questions and discuss the daily challenges and logistics of their care situation. 

  • Live 1:1 virtual meetings with a care expert
  • 1:1 chats and instant messaging
  • Real-time notifications
  • Community meet-ups on timely topics
Memento Care Plan Caregiving badge Roadmap background

Care Plans

A caregiving roadmap in the palm of your hand.

Memento provides a customized care plan that guides the caregiver in their unique journey. Designed around the caregiver’s specific needs, the care plan tracks and rewards progress towards meeting their caregiving goals.  Smart prompts on the dashboard and embedded throughout the platform guide the caregiver to the appropriate next step.   Memento also adapts with the user as their situation and needs evolve over time.

  • Personalized goal setting
  • Assistance with everyday tasks including nutrition and meal services, transportation coordination, household accommodations and local support referrals
  • Healthy habits and self-care tracking
  • Progress checks
Memento app in use Memento M Circles background

Care Hub

Resources for the moments that matter.

With Memento caregivers have a one stop shop to keep them organized and prepared for life events that arise.  Memento’s digital tools and resources help caregivers keep track of their activities and set needed reminders.  Memento will recommend learning, services and/or products based on their profile.   A wealth of care resources—including training guides, financial programs, and a trusted marketplace—just at their fingertips.

  • Calendar and reminders
  • File upload and scanning
  • Medication management
  • Care circle
  • Product discounts
  • Caregiving toolkits

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Memento partners with businesses to help the caregivers on their teams find stability as they look to balance life, work and the well-being of their loved ones. Schedule a demo to learn more.

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